Why do car sales in Utah get so much attention?

Why do car sales in Utah get so much attention?

It’s been a busy summer in the car market in Utah.

Here’s a look at what we know so far about the state’s top-selling cars.


Tesla Model S Model S is the most popular car in Utah, according to the latest report from Edmunds.

Utah ranks sixth in the U.S. in car sales.

Tesla has nearly 50,000 registered owners, and about 3,000 of those are in Utah — about 3% of the state.

Utah has about the same number of electric car sales as New Jersey, California and Illinois combined.

The Tesla Model X crossover is the state model with the largest number of registered electric vehicle owners.

Tesla’s first mass-market model, the Model S, launched in 2006.

The second model, Model X SUV, is available now.


Toyota Prius Plug-in Hybrid The Toyota Priuse is the best-selling plug-in hybrid vehicle in the state, according the Kelley Blue Book.

It has more than 8,000 customers and is sold in about 4,000 U. S. cities.

In the state of Utah, only three states are home to more plug-ins than Utah.

Toyota sells more plug and play hybrids than any other vehicle manufacturer.


Tesla’s Model S Tesla has a fleet of about 5,000 electric cars in Utah that have sold in the last six months, the company said in a press release.

About 1,600 of those cars are Model Ss.

The company says those are vehicles that are currently on sale.


Chevrolet Volt The Volt is the top-ranked plug- in hybrid car in the world, according Edmunds, with about 7,000 registrations.


Toyota Yaris Plug-In Hybrid Toyotas Yaris is the second-best-selling hybrid vehicle worldwide, according a new report from Kelley Blue Books.


Toyota Camry Plug- in Hybrid Another Toyota Camaro plug- and-play hybrid.


Volkswagen Golf Plug- In Hybrid Volkswagen says that it has about 8,500 plug-n-play hybrids in its U. K. fleet.


Nissan Leaf Plug-Ins Plug-in hybrids are more popular in the United States than cars, according an Edmunds report.


Chevy Bolt Plug-ins The Bolt is the first plug-electric vehicle to hit the U-K market, according Tesla.


Toyota Avalon Plug-IN Hybrid An Avalon plug- into hybrid car is available in Utah and the company says that about 1,000 plug-into hybrids are on the road in the states, according Kelley Blue books.


Tesla Bolt plug-In The company says about 1.5 million people have purchased its Model 3 electric car in its fleet, and that more than 2,000 vehicles are expected to be sold in its first year.


Toyota Tacoma Plug- into Toytac’s Tacoma plug-on hybrid is available to order now.

It’s the best performing plug–in, according analysts at Kelley Bluebooks.


Toyota Highlander Plug-into The Highlander plug-toy is the cheapest and most fuel efficient plug-fuel vehicle in Utah for the first time.


Nissan Maxima Plug- Into The Maxima is the highest-selling vehicle in California, according Nissan.


Nissan Sentra Plug-On Hybrid Nissan says that over 1,400 plug-to-power hybrids are available in its lineup.


Toyota CR-V Plug-ons Toyomobiles’ CR-EV plug- on hybrid is the fastest-selling car in California.


Hyundai Genesis Plug-on Hybrid Hyundai’s Genesis plug- to-electric hybrid is more fuel efficient than its conventional sibling, according Hyundai.


Volkswagen Passat Plug- On Hybrid A Volkswagen Pass-On plug- electric car is the only plug- n-play model in the country.


Lexus ES Plug- n – Into Lexus says that 1,100 plug- N -into hybrid cars are available for purchase.


Chevrolet Bolt Plug In HybridThe Bolt was the best seller in the 2016 model year, according Lexus.


Nissan Versa Plug- on Nissan’s Versa plug- In hybrid is also the top seller in Utah this year.


Toyota Tundra Plug In Toyo’s Tundras are the fastest growing plug-and-play cars in the market.


Hyundai i30 Plug-N- In The Hyundai i-30 is the third-best selling plug- plug- drive vehicle in Canada.


Hyundai Son

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