What Happened to the Hottest Hotels in Houston?

What Happened to the Hottest Hotels in Houston?

The Houston Marriott is back with another new-look hotel, with the addition of three new luxury suites and a rooftop garden that features a patio and an outdoor seating area.

The Houston Marriott Hotel, which has been undergoing extensive renovations since January 2017, now boasts three new suites, three new premium suites and two new outdoor dining areas, according to a press release.

The hotel’s rooftop garden features a large pool with an outdoor terrace and a terrace overlooking the lobby.

Guests can enjoy a spa, spa car wash, private beachfront pool and a restaurant, along with a private pool table, lounge chair, dining room chairs and a spa bar.

The hotel also features an elevator and rooftop deck, which can be accessed via a stairwell.

The new Houston Marriott Suite features four bedrooms, three bathrooms and two suites with king beds, queen beds, two queen beds and a two-car garage.

The suite is equipped with a queen bed, king bed, queen bed and two queen bunks.

The upscale hotel, located at 2201 N. Main St., has an elevator that connects to the lobby, the lobby bar and the hotel’s outdoor terraces.

It is located at a corner of the hotel that overlooks the lobby and patio.

The luxury suites have three bedrooms, four bathrooms and four suites with queen beds in three separate suites, according the press release, which also lists a rooftop terrace, spa bar and a private beach-front pool.

The three-bedroom suite, for example, features a king bed and queen bed with two-toppers, a queen and two-bunk bed, and a king and queen-size bed with king and king bunks in a two room suite.

The suites are located in the back of the lobby that overlook the lobby entrance.

The suite’s rooftop deck offers 360-degree views of the city and is accessible from the lobby via an elevator.

It features a full-service bar and lounge with a large fireplace, a sauna, and steam room, according an official press release from the hotel.

The restaurant, located on the rooftop deck overlooking the hotel, offers a full kitchen, dining area, outdoor seating and a bar.

Guests have the option to have a dinner at a restaurant nearby.

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