A week of car sales plunges for a second day in a row

CAR SALES MAGAZINE NEW YORK, USA – JUNE 03: A Toyota Camry passes by the entrance to the Tesla Motors dealership in Los Angeles, California, United States, June 03, 2017.The U.S. auto industry is struggling to keep up with the influx of electric and hybrid cars and trucks.REUTERS/Lucy Nicholson Car sales magazine is down 1.9% to 9.1 million vehicles on […]

Acura: “We’ll not be moving our manufacturing facility”

The company announced Tuesday it will no longer manufacture its Acura vehicles in Texas.The announcement comes amid an ongoing federal investigation into allegations that Acura and other automakers used deceptive practices to raise prices and then misled consumers about the true cost of their vehicles. In a statement, Acura said it has “concluded that the timing and nature of our announcement, […]

How to Buy a Used Car in Indiana

Cars and trucks can be bought on Craigslist or online, but most are not available for sale anywhere else.That makes it easy to get the perfect deal.Read more: Car dealerships sell a lot of used cars, too.In the case of the Tahoe, you’ll be looking at a car that can sell for about $13,000, but you’ll have to shell out […]

How to get a discount car sales discount

How do you go about getting a discount on your car sales?That’s the question that a new survey has asked Car Sales and Resale to help us understand what the public wants.The study asked the public to rate the quality of car dealerships, their experience and whether they would recommend them to a friend.The survey, conducted between September and October, […]

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