‘Piece of shit’: A man who was tricked into selling his old Plasma car

‘Piece of shit’: A man who was tricked into selling his old Plasma car

The first thing you notice about the plasma car is the fact that it is so tiny.

It is less than 1 centimetre thick.

That is less, by comparison, than the size of a human hair.

“You can see how the windows are painted and how the bodywork looks,” says Chris Gavron, who is from South Australia and drove the car for more than four years.

The car has been sold on the internet, but is currently on the road, with its original owner, a man in his mid-60s, now a regular buyer.

Gavron’s experience was no different from any other car sold on Gumtree.

It has been in the same state of disrepair for three years.

“I would like to be able to get it repaired,” he says.

He bought it for $200 in August this year, when the car was still in perfect condition.

There are several issues that he is not sure are completely resolved.

This was a very easy car to sell,” he admits.

One is the original battery, which was not in good condition.

The battery was also a lot more expensive than expected.

Another issue is that Gavroons wife, who drives a car for work, had her car serviced in September.

They also lost their insurance.

When he found out the car had been in disrepair he bought it back for $500.

And then there is the old roof.

A window cover is the most expensive part of the car, but he did not want to replace it.

In January, the car started to deteriorate and started to leak paint.

With no insurance and a lot of money in the bank, Gavros wife agreed to the $500 payment.

On the back of the new paint, there is an old, rusted, broken paint wheel.

Then there is a black rust ring.

But it is still a good deal, Givrons wife says.

He is looking forward to the restoration.

If the car has ever been in a garage, it is in good shape.

We would like it to be used as a show car, he says, but there are still some things that need to be repaired.

As he was looking for a replacement for his car, Gervron bought the car from a dealer.

For the last three years he has driven the car every weekend.

Once the car is up to the standards of the original, Gevrons wife will get it back.

At this stage, he cannot afford to fix it himself.

However, he is looking to buy a car and have it taken care of by someone else, such as a mechanic or mechanic’s assistant.

What do you think about the Plasma car?

Tell us in the comments section below.

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