How Amazon plans to grow its retail business in the US

The big question in America right now is: How do you make money?Amazon isn’t a big player in the brick and mortar space.But it’s looking to take advantage of an abundance of products and services available on the market.That’s what Amazon’s chief financial officer, Robert Nadella, has called the “Amazon of retail” — and it’s a huge opportunity for the […]

What’s trending in the top 10 car sales in 2017?

With the 2017 Toyota F40 now in its final months of production, the automaker is looking to build on its momentum in 2017.The 2017 Toyota 4Runner, the most powerful vehicle ever made, will be the first F40 to hit the road for 2017, with production expected to begin in 2021.The automaker will also be releasing the F40C, which will make […]

When is a cougar sale worth it?

When is it appropriate to buy a car?This article has been republished with permission from Consumer Reports.Posted in Automotive News, AutoNews, Cars and SUVs, Cars, SUVs and Trucks Tags automotive,cars,news,cars and trucks,newsfeed source Consumer Reports title Automotive newsfeed with the best stories for your cars, trucks, and SUVS article The newsfeed above has been adapted from a story published in […]

The Millennium Car Sales Report: Are the New Millenniums coming for you?

There are more than 10 million cars in Australia’s private and government fleets, the latest data shows, marking a significant increase on the 11 million vehicles that the government estimates will be in Australia in 2040.The numbers, from data compiled by Automotive Australia and the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS), come amid growing concern about the economic outlook for Australia’s […]

Why Tesla will be the best car sales company

The next Tesla Model S will be as good as the one before it, and Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk says that’s not the case.Tesla CEO Elon “Baked Alaska” Musk is expected to unveil a new car that is nearly identical to the Model S and Model X. Musk also says that the Model 3, the company’s most powerful vehicle […]

Jrs car Sales Rankings 2017

Cadillac and Cadillac CTS sales have jumped 13.2% and 16.5% in the last two years, according to the annual Jrs Car Sales Rankings, which is compiled by the Cadillac C.I.O. in collaboration with auto industry research firm Edmunds. The annual rankings include sales figures for 2017 and 2018, but only includes sales of new vehicles.The Cadillac brand has seen its share […]

What Happened to the Hottest Hotels in Houston?

The Houston Marriott is back with another new-look hotel, with the addition of three new luxury suites and a rooftop garden that features a patio and an outdoor seating area.The Houston Marriott Hotel, which has been undergoing extensive renovations since January 2017, now boasts three new suites, three new premium suites and two new outdoor dining areas, according to a […]

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