Audi’s $1.4bn investment in Audi-Audi is ‘very important’ for US market

Audi’s $1.4bn investment in Audi-Audi is ‘very important’ for US market

Audi is launching a new advertising campaign in the US in an effort to improve its US sales and attract new customers.

The Audi brand has been under pressure to improve sales and reach new consumers in recent months, with analysts predicting that the German luxury brand’s sales have fallen in the first half of 2017.

The ads are aimed at a new generation of American car buyers and are part of an overall strategy to make the brand more attractive to consumers in the country.

The adverts will run in the Dallas/Fort Worth metropolitan area, Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport, Fort Worth International, and Dallas-Ft.

Worth International airports, as well as on the brand’s website.

The first ad is set to run in Texas on Thursday.

The campaign, which is part of Audi’s broader efforts to reach new customers, will also air on NBC, ESPN, CBS, CNN, and FOX, Audi said in a statement.

Audi is a major American car manufacturer, and the brand has a strong relationship with the Dallas-based Dallas Cowboys.

In March, the company unveiled the latest version of its Audi A4 sport sedan, which features the latest Audi engine, new suspension, a new suspension front bumper, and a redesigned front bumper.

“Audi’s mission is to create the best in luxury, luxury-class cars for American consumers and the world,” Audi CEO Rupert Stadler said at the time.

“This year, we are taking a major step forward in this mission by launching Audi-Adi communications.

Our aim is to provide customers with more information, better experiences and greater convenience.”

The company has been increasingly investing in marketing in recent years, and in 2016, it launched a brand new digital marketing agency, Audibase, to help drive that growth.

Audi has also announced that it is partnering with local brands including A&M, Bixby, and Fonda, which will use the ads to promote the company’s new car offerings.

In the US, Audi is also selling new Audi vehicles in a wide range of models, including the A8 and A6, the A7, A8 sedan, and new A3 sedan.

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