Toyota sells the first ‘V6’ to US auto dealers

Toyota has finally confirmed that it will sell its first ‘6’ variant to US dealers.The new model, which will cost around $35,000, will come in two different variants: the ‘6+’ with a six-speed manual transmission and a six or eight-speed automatic transmission, or the ‘V8+’ which will sport a six and a ten-speed turbocharged four-cylinder engine.It’s also likely to feature […]

What Happened to the Hottest Hotels in Houston?

The Houston Marriott is back with another new-look hotel, with the addition of three new luxury suites and a rooftop garden that features a patio and an outdoor seating area.The Houston Marriott Hotel, which has been undergoing extensive renovations since January 2017, now boasts three new suites, three new premium suites and two new outdoor dining areas, according to a […]

The Best Gator Cars in Hawaii

Gator Car Sales License is a non-transferable license that allows you to buy Gator cars and SUVs.To obtain one, you must have a Gator car license and a vehicle registration in Hawaii.You also must be a Gato member.Gator Cars, SUVs, and Gator Parts Sales License are non-transfers, so they do not transfer to anyone else.The license fee is $100 and […]

Why the new ‘Golden Car’ ad in Saudi Arabia is selling like hotcakes: Report

The new “Golden Car” ad for Hyundai’s new “Ultra High-Tech” crossover, which features the company’s latest high-tech vehicle technologies and performance, has sold out in just two days.The ad, titled “The Future is Now,” features a young woman driving a Hyundai Grand Cherokee that was recently modified to the high-performance standard that the company says will make it faster and […]

How to find the best car for your needs

With so many cars out there to choose from, it can be difficult to decide what to buy.That’s where Suncoast Car Sales and Danny’s Car Sales can help.Both companies are owned by Suncoaster Holdings, which owns the popular AMC theater chain.The company offers a variety of car deals, with an emphasis on the newer, smaller models, including the new 2018 […]

Why did we lose 4 million cars?

The number of cars sold in the US fell to its lowest level in a decade, with the median selling price falling below $25,000 for the first time in 2017.The average price fell to $25.03 from $26,638 in 2016, according to Automotive News.The US Auto Industry Association said the average selling price was down by 3.3% from 2016.It’s the lowest […]

The Best Cars for the Money

4.Honda CR-V (4.0L) 4.0 liter engine (6-speed manual, 1.8 gear ratio)Price: $19,995 starting in 2018Drivetrain: 6-speed automatic transmission (6S6), six-speed dual-clutch automatic (6.0)Size: 2,098 cubic feetDrivetrain mode: Sport, Eco, TrackSource: Honda Source: HondaThe CR-Vs engine, with its six-cylinder, turbocharged, four-stroke engine, can crank out an estimated 527 horsepower and 527 lb-ft of torque.The four-cylinders, which are paired to the 6-speeds […]

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