How Amazon plans to grow its retail business in the US

The big question in America right now is: How do you make money?Amazon isn’t a big player in the brick and mortar space.But it’s looking to take advantage of an abundance of products and services available on the market.That’s what Amazon’s chief financial officer, Robert Nadella, has called the “Amazon of retail” — and it’s a huge opportunity for the […]

How to get your car into a global car market

Cars in China, Russia, the United States and the rest of the world are sold by hundreds of thousands of dealerships.Many of these dealerships operate as brokers, but others are sole sellers and operate entirely as sales agents, and have little to no customer support.In China, for example, most of the vehicles sold in the country are owned by two […]

How to buy a car seat

Posted February 11, 2018 17:03:37 A new car seat that lets you sleep in a car has hit the shelves in Australia.New Car Seat Australia (NCA) says it is launching its “first generation” car seat with its new “Seatbelt-Bite Safety” technology.“Seatbelts are the perfect solution for children, parents and parents-to-be,” NCA chief executive Steve Williams said.Mr Williams said the new […]

How much are the Nissan Armadillo cars worth?

Nissan Armada 2X: $3,100,000 to $5,000,000 | article A Nissan Armadas 2X sports coupe has been sold in the US for more than $3 million, according to the owner.The car, built by the American brand CarMax, has an estimated value of more than half a million dollars.Nissan has been selling the 2X for about a year and a half […]

What’s trending in the top 10 car sales in 2017?

With the 2017 Toyota F40 now in its final months of production, the automaker is looking to build on its momentum in 2017.The 2017 Toyota 4Runner, the most powerful vehicle ever made, will be the first F40 to hit the road for 2017, with production expected to begin in 2021.The automaker will also be releasing the F40C, which will make […]

BMW, Mercedes sell cars with no emissions rules

BMW and Mercedes have reached a contract that requires them to sell zero-emission vehicles by 2020, the German automaker said in a statement on Tuesday. The agreement, which will take effect in 2020, is in place for both manufacturers, which have been working on plans to meet the emissions requirements for all new cars sold in the German market by 2021.The […]

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