How to find the best car for you

Autonomous cars are here.The future is here.And it’s pretty damn amazing.The question is, how do you find the right one for you?This post will help you make an informed decision.Read more:Autonomous cars will take us to the next level The key to choosing a car that fits your lifestyle and driving style: What is a good driver?The future of autonomous […]

What’s in a trade car?

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How to track the rise and fall of car sales in Arizona

Cars and trucks have become the most popular form of transportation.But the growth of passenger cars, SUVs and pickups is also taking its toll on the market.And that’s putting pressure on local retailers who have been struggling to sell the latest models, particularly during the holiday season.As the holiday shopping season comes to an end, car sales have dropped in […]

Which car is the best?

Car sales manager Michael Deutsch has been a long-term fan of the Volkswagen Golf.“I love it,” he said.“Its got a very good range of trim levels and good engine.I think I’ve always liked the Volkswagen and I think it’s probably the best car out there, if not the best.”He’s also been a fan of Audi and Rolls-Royce.“The Audi RS3 has […]

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